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From children for children: Our third fundraiser!

We are extraordinarily proud to announce that we were able to "win" 33%!!! of the donation money at the yearly "Bazarrennen" at the Nymphenburger School in Munich.

Revisiting his old school, Max took part in the Bazarrennen competition of 2018.

Every year the children of the school host a Christmas Bazar where they collect donations through various sources (teachers, pattens, etc.) and methods (bake sales, Tombolas, etc.). This money is pooled and given to the student representatives.

On the 25th October Max presented in front of this committee among many other charitable organisations.

In the end, the student representatives decided to grant us one third of their pooled donations.

The children of the school decided to help us help the children in a small school in Kaudwane.

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