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Moralo Designs: Our architects of trust!

We are proud to announce that we finally found a local architecture firm to work with in designing and constructing the library: Moralo Designs!

Realising that we would need an onsite partner with local knowledge an experience in construction, we started to search for an architect who would fulfil these requirements. Through a tip from the Leopard Ecology & Conservation association we got in contact with Ms. Sithabile Mathe, managing director of Moralo Designs, based in Gaborone, Botswana.

Mathe qualified in Glasgow, Scotland with a honours degree in architecture and a post-graduate degree in architecture and completed her Urbanism Studies in Oslo, Norway. She is registered with 4 professional bodies: Member of the Architect’s Registration Council of Botswana, the Architect’s Association in Botswana, Member of Botswana Institute of Development Professionals and the Norwegian Association of Architects.

We are confident that with her educational and professional background she is the perfect partner for our project. Prior projects including the design and project management of the UN buildings' renovation in Gaborone, as well as earlier library projects further encouraged our believe that this would be a very fruitful cooperation.

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