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Meet The Team

Gilles Eckhardt

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"Lets bring the future to the kids"

Maximilian Koffler

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"Help us make a difference"


Carolina Koffler

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"Support a life changing project"

Maximilian Koffler

Maximilian, 22 years old, starts his 5th semester at the university of St. Gallen, studying business administration.


Maximilian has always valued his education, which allowed him to freely and openly chose his future career paths and further education extremely. With respects to this, Maximilian has always viewed the unequal educational opportunities in the world with potential for improvement.


Maximilian had already been involved in social projects from all over the world during his work as a student speaker. During this time Maximilian organised different Events to raise money for various social projects amongst others in Africa, Romania and Germany.


In order to once again have a positive influence on this equality of opportunity, Maximilian together with Gilles decided to find, plan and implement a social project. Therefor ideal is the contact of Gilles to Botswana, without which such a rapid and good progress of the planned intention would not be possible.


Special and new enthusiasm arises for Maximilian through the close cooperation with the local people. Through the close contact with these people Maximilian experiences much more, how badly the circumstances of some regions of the world really are and how gratefully the humans of these Areas respond to help.


Based on these experiences and convictions, Gilles and Maximilian have all the donations directly contributed to the project. They are willing to carry out their duties voluntarily and to bear the additional administrative and organizational costs themselves.

Gilles Eckhardt

Gilles Eckhardt, 23 years old, finished studying business administration at the University of St. Gallen in the summer of 2017.

Due to several experiences abroad such as in Asia, Africa, North- and South America, a certain awareness evolved regarding the unequal opportunities especially with regards to education.

Primary interest towards Botswana was raised due to the occupation of Gilles’ aunt, Angela Berney, founder of “Friends of Rhino Conservation Botswana, Switzerland.”

It is of utmost importance to Gilles that his project has a direct contact to humans, especially children. Therefore, the desire to focus on education evolved, as he himself is in his education phase.

Angela Berney established the contact to the “Leopard Ecology & Conservation” foundation in Kaudwane Botswana, who have been in Kaudwane since 17 years already. Numerous conversations with the village leadership as well as the school and the students during Maximilian's and Gilles’ visit in May 2017, revealed the prominent lack of learning materials and books.

Consequentially, the decision was taken to aim to construct a library for the entire community on the school’s premises.

Gilles is sure that this project is a great opportunity to give children in Botswana an opportunity for better education and thus future.

Every donation finds its immediate way into the construction of the library as Maximilian and Gilles provide their engagement voluntarily. Furthermore, any administrative- or organisational costs incurred are carried by the founders themselves and thus do not minimize any donations. 

Carolina Koffler

Carolina worked in Private Equity in Switzerland and studied Business Administration at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich.


Carolina always valued the possibilities of education and knows that it is a privilege to grow up in an environment where schools, books, learn material, libraries and universities are “normality”. Aware of the fact, that not everywhere in the world children have the luck to grow up in such an environment, Carolina is committed to enable more children to grow up with the education and possibilities she had.

Together with her brother, Carolina has already been engaged in Charity projects around the world, like Africa, Romania and Germany. As student speaker of her high school, Carolina was involved in the organisation of various events for fundraising purposes. All these projects had the same goal: to improve educational standards over the world.

Similarly, to these projects Kaudwane Education Development was founded to enable children to grow up with books, teachers, schools and pencils to learn writing, reading and much more. In Kaudwane children are missing the basic needs for education. Building a library full of books and learning materials is going to change their lives and future!


In addition to the kids’ education, this project brings work and income into the whole village as it is entirely developed and build by locals.


All involved are very passionate about building the library and seeing the children`s smiles! Everybody can contribute to enlighten children`s future!

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