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Why Donate


Do not pay big NGOs to administer your donation and pay its staff and overheads! Donate here as we make it our job to ensure that every fundraised penny will find its way directly into the project. Transparent and comprehensive accounting will be your proof. Working on voluntary basis, we have no administrative costs which would potentially minimise your donation. We uniquely combine economic efficiency and social engagement to provide a possibility for generous people to be certain that we make every penny count.


"Today a reader, tomorrow a leader"
- M. Fuller.

Helping our project will provide learning materials to nearly 400 students who desperately need them. Building a library for the school and community will enable children and adults to benefit from educational material. This way, you can provide help for self-help by empowering the community to better education. The children will have the chance to continue their education by moving up the scholarly system rather than being thrown out of it. Provide the community with an opportunity read!


Building the library will be a communal project. We do not want to place a building in Kaudwane, we want the community to help us build a library in Kaudwane. In the construction of our library only the local workers will be involved to provide a job and an income, but more importantly, to provide the means and tools for the community to develop themselves. We are working hand in hand with many volunteers of all ages from the community to make it their, not our, project. Help us in providing the toolset for the village to develop. 


Together with the learning materials, your donation could potentially have an immense impact on the learning environment of the children. We hope that due to the materials provided in the library, teachers will be incentivised to teach the children for an entire academic year or longer. We strongly believe that the constant (3-4 times per year) switch of teachers is an immense burden on the education of the children. Professional development opportunities for the teachers are a potential solution to that problem. 

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