Unsere Mission

Unsere Mission

Our Mission

"It does not matter which project you decide to pursue, we will thank you until the rest of our lives” – Village Development Council Member, Kaudwane, May 2017 


Living in a country with a privileged educational system, "Kaudwane Education & Development" has made it their mission to minimize the unequal opportunities present in the world regarding basic education. As both founders are currently in the middle of their education, a strong personal connection exists to the topic of unequal educational opportunities. This close personal tie helps them pursue this mission with great vigour. Therefore, the underlying goal of this organisation is the construction of a library for the entire Kaudwane community. Gilles and Maximilian are confident that this would lead to a sustainable improvement of the learning environment as well as a strengthening of the community. 

Our Mission



The Kaudwane village was chosen as the location for our project through a personal connection to Gilles' aunt, Angela Berney, who founded a charity organisation active in Botswana. Through this, a contact was established to the “Leopard Ecology & Conservation” (LEC) foundation who have been operating in Kaudwane for over 17 years. After welcoming them to their visit in Kaudwane, they are now closely cooperating with LEC, especially regarding trustable infrastructure in Kaudwane itself. After individual conversations with the village leadership, the school and the students during their visit in May 2017, the goal to construct a library was decided upon. Together with the experiences, know-how and infrastructure of LEC, it is their mission to construct this library for the Kaudwane community.


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