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If you leave us your name and address we can send you a tax-deductible charitable donation certificate


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It is up to you if the children will
receive the change to a better life!


It is our sincere mission to ensure that every donated money will find its direct way into the Kaudwane Community. Our work is entirely voluntary and any administrative- or organisational costs incurred in the process are carried by us and thus do not limit your donation.

Every penny counts to provide help for self-help for the children in Kaudwane!

You can help us make a difference!!


Your donation for the Kaudwane Community with nearly 1000 members can radically advance the future prospects of the entire village. Through your donation, the learning conditions of the students will improve through better learning materials and a better teaching environment. Therefore, the students of the Kaudwane Primary School will benefit from the opportunity of a better education and thus future prospects. 

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