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- Which issues do we plan to tackle with the construction of a library - 

High teacher

The remote location  and the lack of educational materials in Kaudwane causes many teachers request to be relocated already after the minimum period of 3 months. The  teachers want to progress their educational level, which they can only achieve in libraries in urban cities. The result is a highly unstable learning environment for the students. This is a great disadvantage for the learning environment of the students who, especially in grades 1-7, require a relationship-based learning.

Lack of

learning materials

The students lack the necessary materials for the school classes as well as any further books, which would allow them to pursue their own interests. When visiting the school a prominent problem was also the disorganised manner in which the existing books were kept. Teachers did not know where the individual books they required for teaching were to be located in the school. The rest of the Kaudwane Community also does not have any access to learning materials or books in order to acquire new knowledge and receive education. 

Lack of
teaching space

The Kaudwane Primary School has 381 students in classes up to 50 students, spread across 15 teachers. The classrooms are often overfilled due to a lack of space. Also there is only limited shaded area for the children to eat their lunch. Furthermore, there is no public space for quite individual working for the students as well as the rest of the community. This lack of space limits the teaching possibilities and room for individual development and work. 


- Which solutions does our library provide to these problems - 

Access to

Our library would provide the Kaudwane Community with space and access to knowledge through a library. The existing learning materials would be organised and displayed in an omni-accessibile manner. Further learning materials as well as books would fill the shelfs of the library. Students would gain the opportunity to deepen their knowledge or explore new fields of interest outside of the school's curriculum. Also the rest of the community would be provided with access to education and literature.  

of exchange

Eventually the library will be a self-sustaining project, promoting individual- but also cooperative- and communicative learning. Through story-telling events and enactment of books in short plays, the children will be motivated to engage in their reading and develop skills outside of the classical classroom compe-tencies. This will provide for a more comprehensive education.The entire community could benefit from this lively exchange of information in both an educational- and leisure dimension. 

Teaching space

The library could also be used as an additional teaching space. Both the inside-, as well as the roofed outside area provide for addition learning and teaching space. Furthermore, this space would provide additional shade to the children during their lunches. Also, the open area would be well suited for the exchange of knowledge in the aforementioned readings or plays. Consequentially, the additional space would provide relief for the crowded classroom environments and enhance the learning conditions of the students. 


- What results to we expect from our solutions -

Lower Teacher


After individual conversations with various teachers, we expect a radically lower fluctuation of teachers due to the access to knowledge. Teachers would have the opportunity to continue their education in Kaudwane, thus dimi-nishing the incentive behind request-ing to be relocated. The result would be an immensely improved and stable learning environment for the students as well as better educated teachers.


learning Materials

As the library would provide the space and organisation for extra learning materials and books, this would also radically improve the learning conditions of the students, but also of the entire community. Improved learning materials will derive for greater effectiveness and efficiency in the students learning. This would enhance the future prospects of every individual and motivate them to continue their education.



As we plan to solely utilise local construction workers, we aim to integrate the entire community into our project from day one. By engaging all individuals we hope to achieve a high usage of the library across all age groups. The extra space for communal events such as the readings and plays will further provide for educational interactions between students, parents and elderly. We are confident that the result will be a stronger community.

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