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Preliminary Design Phase? Check!

The first steps have been taken, the preliminary design phase is complete!

After initiating the cooperation with Ms Mathe and Moralo Designs, we are now on step further down the road. This phase included liaising with both the school and the local government institutions relevant to the construction of the library. Furthermore, availability of skill, labour and materials in the area was checked in order to provide a solid basis for planning the construction.

The preliminary design phase gave us a good picture of the tasks ahead of us especially regarding the different requirements we have to follow in order to be able to submit our building permission to the relevant institutions.

If you are interested in the details, the final report for this stage has been attached below to this post to give you more in-depth information on technicalities and our status-quo.

The next step will be initiating the actual design phase and submitting these, once completed, to the authorities to receive our building approval. We are excited on continuing to work together with Ms Mathe on this and hope to be able to share the designs with you soon!


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