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First Trip to Kaudwane

In the beginning of May, Maximilian and Gilles made their first trip to Kaudwane, Botswana in order to meet the country and especially the Kaudwane community. Their goal of finding a project, which the two students can relate to, was successful.

Therefore, the self-financed trip was a complete success. Max und Gilles were amazed by the friendliness and open-mindedness of the people in Botswana and the direct, full, constructive cooperation with the Kaudwane community members.

The days in Kaudwane were used to gain a feeling for the village and its inhabitants and most importantly to listen to their needs. On of their first steps was a meeting with the chief of the village as well as the Village Development Council (VDC). Furthermore, they visited the local nursery, craftsmen and deputy of the Kaudwane Primary School. After hearing all the different ideas and concerns, Max and Gilles decided to pursue a project related to the school.

After another few days of concretising their ideas, they decided on the project to construct a library on the primary school's premises, which is supposed to be build and eventually used by the entire village community. The idea was presented to the school as well as the village chief and VDC. It was greeted with great joy and enthusiasm.

Having the consent of the village community, they started to plan the library and establish and infrastructure and information system in Kaudwane. They decided to closely cooperate with members of the Leopard Ecology & Conservation, who have local experience of nearly 20 years. The result was a concrete plan and organisation framework for further steps.

After returning to Germany, the association is to be founded and the adoption of the school formalised. Furthermore, Max and Gilles will start to work on primary construction plans with architects in Germany.

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